Our special blend of botanicals, fruits, panela sugar and mountain alkaline water is an ancestral antioxidant recipe for close to 500 years. It comes from a region in Ecuador called Vilcabamba, better known as the “Valley of Longevity," since many of its residents live to over 100 years of age. The valley sits under the equator, between the Amazon & the Andes.



Our natural virgin water comes from the mountains of Podocarpus National Park, also known as the botanical garden of the Americas. The park claims to have pre-Ice age microorganisms and one of the world’s few remaining pristine rainforests. Its water is known to be one of the most mineral-rich waters on Earth, containing magnesium, iron, gold, and silver. It also serves as a great source of alkalinity. This is one of the main reasons our beverage is extremely refreshing and hydrating.


Our primary sweetener, organic panela sugar, is raw, unprocessed and unrefined that derives from sugar cane. It contains benefits such as antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, and is a commonly used sugar source in Latin America that is seen as tasty and healthy when consumed in moderation.


In 2022, we have launched our own 40 acre farm called Chiki Bamba. Apart from it being an organic regenerative farm where we grow a portion of our botanicals, it serves as a living lab and research center for our core ingredients, along with development programs for our 100% female led farmer network we are working with in the region. We are focusing on introducing practices to our farmers; organic regenerative agriculture, smart farming, crop rotation, and much more. Our goals are to deliver biodiversity, preservation of antioxidants and boosting of flavors in botanicals, social learning, and organizational training to name a few. We are excited to show in the upcoming months our progress with the local community and our consumers globally.


We work with fair trade certified farmers in Ecuador who are certified USDA organic. By the end of 2022, we are shifting to our own Chiki farmer network, lead by female farmers.


We are proud members of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of our sales to causes related to the environment.