We’re Andres & Juan, the co-founders of Chiki Chiki Boom Boom.

We started Chiki to celebrate our culture, and deliver positive vibras towards our planet, people & health. Inspiring our people to live, eat and drink better is core to our movement.

While Andres was born in Los Angeles, California and Juan in Loja, Ecuador, both of our parents are Ecuadorian. Our bond was formed over the love of our Latin roots & culture, and the urge of bringing this energy to the world.

We wanted to create a drink that would take you to our cultural traditions, and also represent the new generation of Latin culture; a blend of different peoples, languages and of course fiesta!

So we decided to put all the vibras in one bottle, and this led us to our product Chiki Chiki Boom Boom. It is inspired by an ancient recipe of a popular drink that stems from the region of Vilcabamba, Ecuador...otherwise known as The Valley of Longevity.

It sits under the equator, between the Amazon and the Andes. The people here live long lives, and accredit their longevity to the weather, lifestyle, food, water, and this magical drink, an herbal and floral blend mixed with mountain alkaline water that has been around for hundreds of years.